Lordicon - Library of Animated Icons

Lordicon is a beautifully designed and animated icon set with a powerful library and endless integration options. The customization tool allows users to adjust the color, stroke, and padding properties of each icon. This system utilizes Lottie, and .json files. On top of that, fully automated customization processes enable you to adjust and download entire collections at once!

Lottie files don’t work as pictures or videos, they are delivered through code. There are endless integration possibilities. From the extremely simple like embedding HTML code, through adding icons via dedicated plugins and finishing at fully customized integration solutions for web, mobile and software projects. Except for Lottie, each icon is delivered in GIF, SVG, EPS, WEBP, APNG, MP4 and PNG formats. Additionally, users can download Rough Lottie JSON format without Lordicon expression controls as well as an Adobe After Effects project source file.