Clearweather Spec Project

This is what happens when the only thing you have is a couple of badass shoe photos and unlimited access to Unsplash. I had a ton of fun creating these visual explorations showing off Clearweather kicks.



Material Sway

Otson Baltic shoe story describes the specific selection of materials. To reflect the material effect, I introduced a pattern of tetrahedral shapes filled with leather texture.




Contera Tanami’s shoe design takes inspiration from the Tanami Desert, mainly covered with white sand. I broke down the sand particles introducing an hourglass with swag Sphinx cat on both sides.


Waterless Rocks

Contera Kalahari shoe design takes inspiration of the Kalahari Desert based in the Southern section of Africa. The Kalahari name is derived from Tswana and means “Great Thirst” or “A Waterless Place”. This is why the visuals consist of a wide range of red-stone textures.