Hey – I am Tom Wilusz

I work as a freelance director & 2d animator. I mainly specialize in logo and symbol animation. I also produce longer animation videos end to end directly for the client or on behalf of studio/agency. As a human being, I am a big fan of caffeine, food – tennis in the summertime and freeride skiing in winter. Occasionally I push myself to the limit by hitchhiking across Europe or testing a or any other crazy monthly challenges.

Selected Clients

360F, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Blue Clover Devices, BlockStation, CoinDeal, ConcertVR, Darb Finance, Enterprise Products, Exco A2A, Facebook, Krups, Manchester United & Swissquote, Message Cloud, McMahon Pictures, Nova Automation, SpanishDict, Stamp, Supla, OurGreenCar,  The Bloomberg Media + Deloitte,  Tefal, Visme to name a few.

Lordicon - boutique with animated icons & illustrations

Each animation is delivered in various formats: JSON Lottie, GIF and Adobe After Effects with dynamic color & stroke adjustment options.

This project was a labor of passion and found it’s way to final launch by 2 years of early mornings, weekends, and holidays. Although I was a team of one on the visuals, this project wouldn’t have found its launch without Marcin Baszczewski (development), Michał Kankowski (marketing) and many others that helped me release the live version of this product. I adopted a new morning routine which bases on creating new icons every day – this means updates are coming sooner than you think!